Product Details

ICP 5000 ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer

PG Instruments – a leader in the  development of first class scientific instruments –is pleased to introduce its brand new ICP 5000.

The ICP 5000 offers Low Detection limits  with a wide analytical working range, enhanced stability and fast  collection of quantitative and qualitative analytical data.

Features & Functions

Optical System

The Purged Spectrometer in the ICP 5000 has

a focal length of 0.4m and a spectral wavelength range of 165 - 900nm. The Spectrometer has an Echelle grating and Prism Cross Dispersion System which allows the simultaneous display of all spectral lines in a single exposure and the analysis of the complete  spectrum  in a compact  area. The thermally stabilised optical system is argon purged to allow the analysis of elements  in the far UV.

Detection System

The detection system is a CCD (Charged Coupled Device) 1024 x 1024 Pixels (CCD Pixel Size 24µm x 24µm). The high speed acquisition system provides for simultaneous Full-Spectrum reading and real-time single pixel sub-array monitoring  allowing very fast analysis.

Sampling System

The sample introduction system is via a multi-channel  (4 channel) 12 roller peristaltic pump (controlled via the software).  A Quartz Torch, cyclonic spray chamber  and a concentric glass nebuliser are supplied as standard (Further options available on request).

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